Bubba Longgear

Superintendent Dr. Bubba Longgrear

Value Promise

I am humbled and honored to be chosen as the Superintendent of Schools for Candler County. I am committed to continuing the procedures and practices that advance the growth, improvement, and accomplishments of this school system. I promise to seek wisdom daily in order to make decisions that are beneficial to the system, students, and community. I promise to practice shared leadership and consensus building in order to achieve targeted results. I will work closely with our Board of Education to increase advanced learning opportunities for students in the areas of Fine Arts, CTAE, and Acceleration. These learning opportunities will enable students to become better equipped to compete globally in post-secondary learning opportunities and acquire the skills necessary for a meaningful vocation. As the leader of this School District, I will work hard to ensure that we focus on meeting the needs of each individual child through high expectations and relationships that continuously increase the Graduation Rate.As with any organization, personnel are the crucial element for success. I will commit myself to processes that attract and retain the most effective and caring leaders and teachers in this area. We will also continue to seek professional development and continue learning and adapting to meet the ever-changing needs of students with whom we have the opportunity to work. I also promise to be responsive to the needs of parents and community in order to utilize feedback for productive opportunities for improvement.

Our vision...

Our vision for Candler County Charter School System is for all students to meet or exceed Georgia Accountability measures (CCRPI), for the graduation rate to continuously improve 85% and above, and for the system to perform on or above state averages in all subject areas. We will accomplish this vision with high expectations inclusive of acceleration opportunities, high impact literacy practices, multiple interventions, student, community and parent engagement and alignment from Pre-K-12. As a result of our success, we will attract high performing teachers and new business and industry, and our graduates will be prepared to continue post-secondary options or pursue gainful employment through a variety of CTAE (Career, Technology, and Agriculture Education) offerings and a broad based soft skills curriculum.  

Our mission...

Our mission is to stimulate growth in student achievement by continuing efforts to advance the development of all stakeholders-students, parents, staff, and the community. 

We believe and are committed to...

  • continuously improving the graduation rate;

  • an aligned standards-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment that provides for extended learning opportunities for all students;

  • effective teaching that energizes and maximizes active learning for all students;

  • Innovative learning opportunities in the areas of Fine Arts, CTAE (Career, Technology, Agriculture Education) offerings and Acceleration with emphasis on a broad based soft skills curriculum to enhance career opportunities for students.

  • significantly improving the literacy level of all students;

  • data driven collaborative decision making;

  • professional growth for all of our colleagues;

  • parent and community involvement to enhance learning.