Invitation To Bid



Candler County School Nutrition will be accepting sealed bids May 6, 2022 through June 3, 2022 at 1:00 pm for food, paper, chemicals, pest control service, hood cleaning, repairs, hood inspection, grease trap pumping and fire suppression for SY2023.

The deadline to submit bids is June 3, 2022 by 1:00 pm.

Click here for documents.

Please contact Candler County School Nutrition Department at

912-685-2360 if you have any questions.

Welcome to Candler County School District
Welcome to Candler County School District
Welcome to Candler County School District
Welcome to Candler County School District
Welcome to Candler County School District
Welcome to Candler County School District
Welcome to Candler County School District
Our Mission

Our mission is to stimulate growth in student achievement by continuing efforts to advance the development of all stakeholders – students, parents, staff, and the community – thus creating outstanding citizens and employees.

Our Vision

Our vision for Candler County Charter School System is for all students to meet or exceed Georgia Accountability measures (CCRPI), for the graduation rate to continuously improve 85% and above, and for the system to perform on or above state averages in all subject areas. We will accomplish this vision with high expectations inclusive of acceleration opportunities, high impact literacy practices, multiple interventions, student, community and parent engagement and alignment from Pre-K-12. As a result of our success, we will attract high performing teachers and new business and industry, and our graduates will be prepared to continue post-secondary options or pursue gainful employment through a variety of CTAE (Career, Technology, and Agriculture Education) offerings and a broad based soft skills curriculum.

We believe and are committed to...

continuously improving the graduation rate; an aligned standards-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment that provides for extended learning opportunities for all students; Innovative learning opportunities in the areas of Fine Arts, CTAE (Career, Technology, Agriculture Education) offerings and Acceleration with emphasis on a broad based soft skills curriculum to enhance career opportunities for students; effective teaching that energizes and maximizes active learning for all students; significantly improving the literacy level of all students; data driven collaborative decision making; professional growth for all of our colleagues; student, parent and community involvement to enhance learning.

Coastal Plains Education Charter High School

Coastal Plains Education Charter High School has been approved by the State Charter School Commission(SCSC) and the Georgia Department of Education (GADOE). Coastal Plains is in the process of hiring a regional district staff and site directors. Please apply at • Site Directors: Candler, Long, SEECA, Coffee, Lowndes, Wayne. All positions are part time with the exception of the registrar. The registrar is a full time position with health and TRS benefits.

Dear Candler County Community, Parents, Students, and Staff,

The Board of Education, faculty, and staff of Candler County Schools are committed to providing a quality education to all students while at the same time making every effort to maintain a safe and clean environment. In regards to proactively mitigating the spread of COVID and other illness, our focus centers around cleanliness and preventive measures and encouraging specific behaviors while at the same time allowing individual autonomy with personal choices.

Preventative Strategies­

Quarterly Ecovasive Spraying

Weekly fogging of classrooms and buses

Disinfecting surfaces frequently in classrooms, lunchroom, handrails, and on buses Frequent hand washing for staff/students

Social distancing when possible (classrooms, lunchroom, etc.) Letters home to parents of potential close contacts

MES students travel in pods to all academic classes Skipping seats in lunchroom at K-8

Not doing touch screen on points of sale at breakfast/lunch Utilizing outside seating at lunches grades K-12

Facilitating the use of masks

Response to possible exposure/positive cases

Our nurses are also monitoring daily the mandate that all positive students be quarantined according to CDC guidelines and that all symptomatic students/staff/visitors refrain from coming on campus. Mandated quarantines are also in place for anyone residing in a home with a confirmed positive case. Parents receiving notification via letter that their child has possibly been in close contact with a positive case have the option of self-quarantining their child.

Weekly data on new positive cases is shared with local media and posted on school websites each Friday.

We are in extremely difficult times. There are varying opinions regarding the best protocol to follow in response to COVID 19. As a result, we also realize that some parents will prefer a more restrictive environment for their child so we are continuing to offer our Learning from Home model in grades 6-12 and are connecting parents to statewide virtual opportunities in grades K-5 if the desire is there.