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Miranda Thigpen
Media Specialist

Tami Wallace

Our Mission.

To enhance the awareness of the significance of SWIRL in our school system and ultimately our community.

Our Goals.

To equip and empower all community stakeholders to become SWIRL advocates throughout the community- ultimately increasing Literacy readiness and aptitude for all community members.

Our Team.

Miranda Thigpen-Chair
Tami Wallace - Chair
Bubba Longgrear - Superintendent
Lindsey Blocker
Hannah Brosh
Kristen Cason
Brianna Collins
Cadeisha Cooper
Breanna Dillon
Shayla Donaldson
Katie Doyle
Broni Gainous
Cortney King
Susannah Lanier
Malori Lewis
Ashlee Lott
Lizeth Marquez
Rashida Taylor
Haley Todd
Jill Vining