amazing shake

Today, the Metter Middle School Top 10 Amazing Shake participants joined the Metter Rotary Club to host the Circle of Doom to find out just who our Top 5 participants would be. The Circle of Doom is a roundtable discussion between the participant and two Rotarians to discuss current issues at the local, area, state, and national levels. To prepare, students met with Mrs. Hannah Mullins, Executive Director at Candler County Industrial Authority, and Mrs. Brianna Dillon, Chamber Executive Director to discuss pressing local and area issues. They also met via Zoom with Georgia State Senator Billy Hickman to discuss trending topics related to the state of Georgia.
After the Circle of Doom, the Top 5 Amazing Shake participants are: Catherine Hill, Cassandra Hill, Lexi Rigdon, Marley Thigpen, and Lila Ulmer.
Congratulations, ladies!