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Technical Support: If you have a technology related problem or question in your classroom please submit a "trouble ticket" to your school's media specialist. A desktop technician will attend to your issue as soon as possible. We cannot be held responsible for verbal requests as they may be forgotten.

Computer Login: All teachers will have a unique username and password that will log them into any district computer (domain).

1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del at the start screen

2. Enter username and password

3. Make sure Metter (our domain) is selected in the drop-down menu "logon to"

4. Upon first login you will be required to change your password

Initial domain login is required to activate your email. You will use the same login credentials for email that logs you into the domain (computer).

Email: CCSD uses Microsoft Exchange to host its email. You will log onto your email using Outlook Wewb Access. All email older than 30 days will be deleted in accordance to Open Record Laws. To logon:

1. Go to

2. Click on Staff Resources

3. Click Staff Email

4. Enter username and password

View Instructional Email Video (not available outside school's network)

Powerschool: Powerschool has three different components. Powerschool Admin, Powerschool Public, and Powerschool Teacher. You will logon to Powerschool Teacher to access the gradebook. Your initial login will be first initial last name and "temp" as the password unless otherwise stated. You MUST change your password upon first login.

1. Go to

2. Click on Staff Resources

3. Select PowerTeacher login

4. Enter username and password (remember this is not the same as your computer and email login)

School InSites: School InSites is the Candler County webpage application. You will be given a unique login and password that will allow you to login and create your own webpage(s). User name will be your email address. Your password was emailed to you when your account was activated. If you do not know your password email Tony Lescak at and the password will be sent again.

1. Go to

2. Enter your email address in the "username" field at the top right hand corner of your screen. Enter your password.

3. Click "login".

Home Directory/Backing Up Data: The district provides a safe location for you to save your work on a server. You must be logged into the domain (a CCSD computer) to access it. From this location your files will be backed up nightly. You may access this drive by clicking on "My Computer". It will show up with your name and the letter "L". You will be able to access this drive from any computer in the district by logging in as yourself. To save to this directory:

1. While the document is open, choose "Save As" and use the pulldown menu to select your directory. i.e. "alanier on 'ccsdstorage\Home (L)':"

2. You may also copy and paste documents from folders on your computer to the directory. Such as your "My Documents" folder.

View Instructional Network Directory Video

Printing: CCSD has most of our printers on the domain so that you have access to a printer no matter where you are logged in. You will have to connect to a printer each time you login to a different computer for the first time. Once you set it up on a particular computer under your login you will not have to do it for that computer again. To connect to a printer:

1. Click "Start"

2. Click "Control Panel"

3. Click "Printers and Faxes"

4 Select "Add Printer" in upper left hand corner

5. Click "Next"

6. Select "Network Printer"

7. Select "Next" on Specify Printer Page

8. Select "Find Now"

9. Highlight the printer you want from the list

10. Click "OK"

11. Specify whether you would like that printer to be your default printer.

12. Select "Next" and "Finish"

View Instructional Printing Video