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Candler Innovations
Candler County Schools Innovations Website

Common Core Digital Resources
Chrome Training Website

Common Core-All Subjects and Grade Levels

Digital Common Core Assessments Resource

Join this digital online community. Share resources, common assessments, etc.

Digital Learning Resources

Digital Learning Resources

Educreations: Tool to Record Lessons

Resource for the Flipped Classroom. Also use to catch students up, homework help, or short videos to pre-teach content.

Free K-12 Educational Resources

A great tool to accelerate learners and differentiate! E-Books, Videos, Lessons, Foreign Language Lessons and more!

K-5 Common Core Learning Resource

Common Core Links
All Subjects

Online portfolios of resources for all contents. Free sign up as well to house your own units/lessons or resources for units.

Common Core resources for all subject areas.  and

Learning Village, OAS, STEM Georgia, Lexiles in Action, and more.

Support for Innovation

Common Core Assessment Resources


Smarter Balance Assessment Items

New York Sample Items

Common Core Bell Ringers: Y Drive

ELA and Technical Subjects

Great resource-search by common core standard or state content.

They allow teachers to insert the texts to be read, writing to be produced, and content to be addressed. When filled in, template tasks create high-quality student assignments that develop reading, writing, and thinking skills in the context of learning science, history, English, and other subjects.

Great tool for informational texts and digital media resourse.

District purchased resources correlated to standards (check email for username and password).

Interactive Lessons


Social Studies



Elementary Education Science Resources.


Differentiated Best of Math Exemplars
Y:\Differentiated Best of Math

North Carolina, Utah, and Ohio

Create a free account or login using your google/gmail account.

K-5 Math: Excellent Resources. The Common Core “FlipBooks” are a compilation of research, “unpacked” standards from many states, instructional strategies and examples for each standard at each grade level. The intent is to show the connections to the Standards of Mathematical Practices for the content standards and to get detailed information at each level.

Resources used: Common Core State Standards, NCTM’s Focus In Grades K-8 series, Student Centered Mathematics by J. VandeWalle, Arizona, Ohio and North Carolina department of education “unpacking” of the standards. This “Flip Book” is intended to help teachers understand what each standard means in terms of what students must know and be able to do. It provides only a sample of instructional strategies and examples. The goal of every teacher should be to guide students in understanding & making sense of mathematics.

STEM Resources
IStem Network

PBS STEM Resources

STEM Georgia

Teachable Moments: Fast Forward

The Futures Channel


ESOL Standards
ESOL Standards
  • Can Do Name Charts PDF
  • PreK-Grade 12 Can Do Descriptors PDF
  • PreK-K Can Do Descriptors PDF
  • Grades 1-2 Can Do Descriptors PDF
  • Grades 3-5 Can Do Descriptors PDF
  • Grades 6-8 Can Do Descriptors PDF
  • Grades 9-12 Can Do Descriptors PDF
  • Can Do Research Brief PDF

Gifted Education Links
More Tasks- Sent by Cindy Hillsman

Science Tasks -Sent by Cindy Hillsman

Parent Curriculum Guides
Common Core Parent Guides

GPS Brochures for Parents

6 + 1 Traits of Writing Links
6+ 1 Traits of Writing Resources

Academic Coach D.I. Links (MMS)
Activities with Blooms

D. I. Place Link

Graphic Organizers, Learning Maps, Rubrics

Instructional Strategies

RAFTS for academic prompts (a.k.a. fat-P)

Sample Layered Curriculum Units

Sample Tickets out of the Door

Spartacus: Differentiated Instruction

Strategies for Reading

Instructional Links
CRCT Content Descriptions & Study Guides

EOCT Content Descriptions

Georgia Standards

GHSGT Content Descriptions

GPS Phase in Plan

TransACT Communications, Inc.

Literacy Computer Links
A Glossary of Reading Strategies (Soc. Studies and other subjects))

Early Literacy Materials in English and Spanish

Elementary Four Blocks

Four Blocks

Graphic Organizers

Greece ELA Instruction Tools

Greece k-12


Lafayette Four Blocks and Graphic Organizers

Monitoring Comprehension

MY Read Website (4th - Secondary)

Pre-reading Strategies

Standards Based Report Card Links
Standards Based Report Card Samples (MMS)

Testing Links
Content Weights for the CRCT

Online Assessment System

Test Prep Site

Textbook Links
HM Math Assessment System