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Welcome to School Nutrition
MHS Shrimp Stirfry Entree February 21,2014


The School Day Just Got Healthier


School meals matter!The school day just got healthier thanks to new school breakfast and lunch meal standards. Encourage your child to check out these new meals and find their favorites.


·     The new school meals focus on more whole grains, fruits and vegetables.


·     Nutritious meals and snacks will help kids stay healthy.


·     School meals are "rightsized."


·     You have the power to encourage your children to build a healthy plate at school and home.


·     Children pick up all your attitudes and behaviors-- including your eating habits. Since kids love to copy what their parents do, they are likely to mimic your willingness to try new foods.




We are dedicated to providing nutritious meals for all the students of Candler County School System.
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"This institution is an equal opportunity provider."